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The Beer Can House: Recycling at its Best

Are you a beer drinker? I don't mean just an occasional beer drinker, but one with a regular beer consumption schedule! Well if you are, I am sure you have accumulated your share of beer cans over the years. We all know beer cans are recyclable, but one Houston, Texas resident took recycling to a whole new level. You might say he was "green" before green was fashionable!

In New York: Skip the pubs and clubs and head to the Trailer Park

Looking for drinks in New York City? Skip the pubs and clubs and head straight to the Trailer Park! Yes, I said the Trailer Park. Advertised on its website as “The Place to Meet your Next Ex”, the Trailer Park Lounge & Grill located in historic Chelsea at 271 West 23rd Street brings all things tacky to the big city. It’s not hard to find, just look for the toilet out front - the one doubling as a planter and ashtray of course.

EFFEN Vodka’s Art of Design at Studio Paris Chicago

On Wednesday, July 18th, premier local mixologists, designers, and over 500 cocktail enthusiasts flocked to Studio Paris in Chicago for EFFEN Vodka’s annual Art of Design. Throughout the evening, mixologists competed to design the ultimate EFFEN Vodka Cocktail. While media judges and guests sampled freshly designed cocktails and voted for their favorites, they also enjoyed the EFFEN-inspired works by Fashion Designer, Anna Hovet, Painter, Patrick Skoff, and Photographer, Jonathan Mathias.