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The Integrity of DJ Dainjazone

As the “Leader of the New School” style of DJing, LMFAOS’s DJ Dainjazone feels it’s his responsibility to be an inspiration to the newer up and coming DJs in the business. The former New Mexico State University ballplayer found his true calling senior year when he was asked to DJ a fellow player’s house party. “I remember my friends saying they wanted to hear good hip-hop at the party,” recalls Dainjazone. “And I thought the hell with it I’m going to do this right by investing in a cd mixer.”

Highball Lounge

Highball Lounge (738 N. Clark, 312.397.1961) is a throwback in a glass. The retro lounge, located in the River North neighborhood, wants to remind Chicagoans of the days of yore, when architecture was sleek, booths were low, and glasses were tall. Their extensive cocktail list reveres the classic highball...