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New Year, New You!

It's that time again: a veritable tidal wave of over-spending, over-eating, over-drinking, and pretty much over-anything-ing has inspired us to turn a new leaf with the turn of the calendar. Lookstyle has a way for you to make multiple resolutions you can actually keep!

Glamorama 2013: Macy’s annual fashion show makes its way to Chicago

Featuring a chic collection of models flaunting lustrous red lips, sophisticated updos and luxe jewelry, this year’s rendition of Macy’s Glamorama Fashion Show certainly lived up to its title. Held in downtown Chicago at the Harris Theater, the annual extravaganza melded fashion with entertainment, showcasing nine glam-worthy designers along with performances by The Summer Set, Cirque Du Soleil, and nine-time Grammy Award winner Sheryl Crow.

Gabby Wild: Meshing Fashion & Conservationism

When Gabby Wild was 20 years old, she traveled to Thailand where she met a baby elephant “who fell madly in love with me.” The elephant, who had been stolen from his mother in the jungle, wouldn’t take milk from anyone and was expected to die until Wild arrived and got him to drink from a bottle. After Wild left Thailand to continue her undergraduate studies at Cornell University, the baby elephant passed away. “He stopped eating, became very depressed, broke one leg, broke the other, and then died. It was horrific.”

The Sincere Warmth of Byron Lars

Byron Lars is an American fashion designer who deserves every ounce of spotlight he receives. Humility and warmth describe the vibe of Byron, as his personality fueled the interview. This I found to be refreshing as he is someone who is busy preparing for New York Fashion Week 2013 and who has the First Lady, Michelle Obama, continually attending major events in his clothing. “To be honest, anytime she wears anything of ours, we’re just overwhelmed and so pleased”, he speaks of the First Lady, showing sincere respect.

Into the Wild Night with the Center for Great Apes

On Friday, December 7, leading artists, designers, and a bevy of cultural enthusiasts flocked to Miami Club Rum Distillery for the Center for Great Apes’ Wild Night. Throughout the evening, guests sipped on cocktails while enjoying modeled fashions—commissioned by the Gabby Wild Foundation—inspired by endangered species. Artist Romero Britto purchased a painting by Bubbles (Michael Jackson's former chimpanzee) saying that "it was the best and purest art in the whole of Art Basel.” Photos by Jon Norris & Yvette Alvarez.