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Ohio-based jam band The Werks on their metamorphic style

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, The Werks are a genre-hopping jam band that play everything but the kitchen sink. In fact, they’d probably play the kitchen sink, too, if it had any sort of musical resonance. Comprised of Rob Chafin, Chris Houser, and brothers Dino and Norman Dimitrouleas, the four-piece blends rock, funk, jam and everything in between into a kaleidoscopic mix of psychedelic dance rock.

Chicago-based sextet The Heard brings funk into the modern age

Known for its deep pocket, authentic groove and explosive live shows that stretch late into the night, Chicago-based six-piece The Heard is bring legendary funk alive in the present day. The funk aficionados combine smooth horn, soulful keyboards, hard-hitting percussion and chicken-scratch rhythm guitar into groovy yet danceable beats, putting on a sweat-drenched show every Thursday at aliveOne.