Tay Stevens On Having A Sexy Halloween

By Robert Luce

In the past decade or two, thanks to the continued desensitization of American culture, we now have nights where you can go out and witness the barely dressed without paying for it at Scores. Halloween is not just for trick or treating kids anymore, it’s about candy of the adult kind for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. And no bully is going to take away my sexy Snow White. That sexy Snow White happens to be in the form of adult model and webcam sensation Taylor Stevens. To prepare us for a night of devilish drink specials and scary soirees, Stevens sits down with us to discuss the perfect last minute costume for girls, the benefits of dressing sexy on Halloween and her brush with Leatherface’s twin.

You gained a lot of new fans, and garnered a lot of national media attention, from your appearance behind coach Peter DeBoer during the Devils and Kings game last June. Do you still find yourself being recognized from that appearance?

I was a twitter/webcam sensation far before that crazy time at the Stanley Cup Finals. I had over 50,000 followers before that game. I’ve been in magazines and won numerous awards for my webcam and modeling. I have been a bit of an internet webcam adult star for a while now. That did add a lot of exposure and it allowed me to dispel a lot of myths that people had about the big boobie blonde behind the bench. I am still getting attention for that appearance. It was a crazy fun time and I just had fun with it. Peter Deboer was a great sport. I loved every minute of it and I can’t wait to go to jersey in November.

Tell us what makes you different from other porn stars?

Well, I guess the difference is how you define porn star. I only do solo porn meaning me, my boobies and my toys. I’ve never done any hardcore porn, it’s always been just me and my webcam, and me making and producing my own DVDs. So, solo porn star I guess that’s what is different. A lot of my friends are pornstars and they work extremely hard and put a lot into their work. They deserve that title much more then I do. Also, webcamming is my main world, it’s where I started and I live for it every day. I absolutely LOVE what I do. Some porn stars LOVE their work some don’t. I LOVE what I do, it’s not work to me.

Is webcamming the way of the future?

That’s such a hard question to answer because I’ve been webcamming for over 10 years. And I’ve been the number one webcam girl for over 10 years so to me it’s always been the way. I do see a lot more people getting into webcamming now. I think that its definitely something worth doing but only if you can really put your heart into it. I think that porn and webcamming can go hand in hand if you just have that love for it like I do.

What makes webcamming different from being with a company like Vivid Entertainment? What are the pros and cons?

Well being with Vivid is an awesome thing to have. I would have to say it’s different because I’m not under contract, I work for myself.  I’m my own boss and I’ve built everything with my own hands all by myself. I pick my schedule and I pick the content of my shows. I’m my own producer, director and actor. I mean being with a company like Vivid, Adam and Eve or any of the main porn production companies out there is always something to be proud of. It definitely sets you apart, but I also started with and remain loyal to a company that has been amazing to me. With me I made my own place and now when it comes to webcamming in general I’m the girl most people think of, which is really cool because I just get to be my goofy silly fun self. I have the most amazing fans in the world that make me smile and wanna keep doing what I do best—which is being that super busty bouncy nerdy girl next door.

What advice do you have for ladies when picking out a sexy Halloween costume?

Cleavage. No, in all honesty LOVE your outfit and wear it like it’s going out of style. I love to dress up so I’m super detailed in all my outfits. It’s the one day of the year when you can be silly, crazy, scary and sexy all at once. But then I’m kinda like that every day actually. But it’s super fun.

My advice would be to dress as a character that suits you, and that maybe resonates with your character. Also, if you have a hot body, there is NO reason to not show it off. T&A all the way! You can still be sexy and classy. Just give your costume your best and you will shine.

Is it important for a woman to focus on her assets when picking out the right costume?

I suppose it depends where they are going. I think the best focus shoud be on the woman’s personality because that is what will really make the outfit.  If a woman feels sexy in it then it works! For me personally there have been times when I’ve not focused so much on the cleavage and rather the creativity in the costume. But in all honesty if it’s cute and I can make it awesome, and show cleavage, that’s a win win. But I have big boobs, some girls have a great butt or really sexy legs, so it just has to fit their personality. Sometimes I can’t find anything that fits my boobs.

What are some of your favorite sexy costumes and why?

I guess I’m biased since I have to pick the ones I’ve dressed up in as sexy. I love the Girl Scout look—there’s something sexy about innocence. I like the sexy football look because there is nothing hotter than a girl and sports. I also did the scary Freddy Krueger and it’s pretty hot to see a big boobed blonde in a ripped Freddy shirt.

Any costumes that you think are over?

That’s hard to say because some Halloween costumes are timeless. Dressing as Elvira, Dracula or a Pirate will always be great. I was told I looked like Lady Gaga at one point, so I dressed like her for Halloween. So I think that the Lady Gaga costume is over.

What are the perks of dressing sexy for Halloween?

Extra candy in my cleavage? Again, it depends on the kind of attention you’re looking for. I think dressing sexy has helped me win quite a few Halloween contests, but sometimes I see some amazing costumes that aren’t necessarily sexy but super creative—and I think they should have won.

I would definitely say dressing sexy will always grab attention and Halloween really allows you to do that without everyone making a fuss. It might help you get into a club quicker. Plus when I show my cleavage I always have a place to store my candy and just shake my bra out later.

What’s a good last minute costume for girls that waited until the day or two before Halloween?

I would say the school girl look. It’s simple pigtails, a tight top and a plaid skirt!

What are your favorite places/clubs to party in the world for Halloween?

I travel all over the place so I love seeing how different cities celebrate Halloween. I think Toronto is awesome because it’s my hometown and because we really love to put everything into Halloween. We have haunted hayrides and tons of fun things to do that scare the crap out of you.

Las Vegas would be my other choice since it’s my second home and there are a TON of scary events to go to. There are crazy parties going on there on a regular basis so imagine Halloween. They have real haunted houses to go to and I LOVE IT! Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I love being scared.

What was your craziest Halloween experience?

It was definitely here in Toronto. There is this farm up north that hosts a haunted experience where you are pretty much in the middle of nowhere. They have all these barns and houses with people chasing you. It’s so much fun and you really feel like it’s haunted cause you’re pretty much in a deserted area. I was on the haunted hayride through this forest when all of a sudden some guy put a chainsaw through the roof. I jumped off freaking out and started running. And he chased me through the forest! It was definitely a shock.

What’s Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

That’s so hard to choose. I don’t really eat candy on a regular basis so when it’s Halloween and you get all kinds of candy it’s hard to choose. Some of my favorites include Reese’s Pieces, Kit Kat, Three Musketeers and Pop Rocks! You know what you can do with Pop Rocks, right? I definitely love those square caramels. Now I’m hungry.

What’s Your Favorite Halloween Cocktail?

I think on Halloween you can add food coloring and dress up the glass to make it super scary. Bacardi and Diet Coke is my cocktail any time of the year, but you can get super creative with the names of them this time of year. I’d say a Bloody Mary! I also like Bloody Rum Punch which tastes like Sangria! And now I’m thirsty.