Epic Burger

A guilt-free burger? Don’t mind if you do! Epic Burger (227 E. Ontario, 312.257.3260 & 40 E. Pearson, 312.257.3262), prided on crafting the burger of champions, has launched two more restaurants–one in Streeterville, and the other in the Gold Coast–giving them a total of six Chicago locations. In addition to Epic Burger’s characteristic dedication to organic ingredients, energy efficient equipment and eco-conscious packaging, the new locations offer fresh flair. The Gold Coast location will offer breakfast selections, featuring the Epic Egg Sandwich, and a mezzanine dining area, while the Streeterville location will reveal an outdoor cafe when the warm weather returns.

Owner David Friedman says, “From the beginning, my intention was to raise people’s ‘food IQ’ by increasing awareness about what people eat on a daily basis.” He continues to do this by offering cage-free organic fried egg, nitrate free bacon, all natural Wisconsin cheeses, fresh-daily buns sans preservatives, hand-cut potato fries without the trans-fats. Chew on that.