Highball Lounge

Highball Lounge (738 N. Clark, 312.397.1961) is a throwback in a glass. The retro lounge, located in the River North neighborhood, wants to remind Chicagoans of the days of yore, when architecture was sleek, booths were low, and glasses were tall. Their extensive cocktail list reveres the classic highball in addition to old school favorites like Moscow Mules, French 75s and Scotch & Sodas. Owner Perry Fotopoulos of the Tasting Room crafted the drink menu with top-notch ingredients from fresh squeezed juices to obscure mixers like dandelion and burdock soda, ensuring each cocktail is blended with unique perfection. Fotopoulos says “We wanted to create a place where couples, singles, or groups of friends can enjoy a good drink and the simple art of conversation set to a background of cool, upbeat melodies.” With the Playboy Club-esque décor, easy listening ambiance and distinctive spirits, we say: Cheers.