Eliminating Excess Fashion

By Robert Luce

Celebrities ascend to fashion fame or infamy due to the trendsetting visions of their stylists. One of those stylists, Kellie L. Trumper, will be holding a fashion seminar in Chicago on Tuesday, September 18 at The HAUTE Spot. Guests will receive a one-on­‐one style consultation with Trumper, and a make-­up artist and professional photographer will be on hand for each guests make-­over photo op.  We sat down with Trumper to discuss clothing essentials for fall, personal style and her favorite celebrity client, LeAnn Rimes.

How did your career as stylist began and from where it took off to the stage where you are now?

It started over a decade a go at Neiman Marcus were I fell in love with fashion.  Over the next 10 years I worked at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Ave, David Yurman, and Intermix all while attending grad school and earning my masters degree. Working in multiple high end retailers educated me on the ins-outs of the industry and forced me to truly make STRONG and long lasting connections with my clients as I moved from store to store and from state to state.  I realized that I had a gift for styling when I looked around and everyone was complaining about his or her job and I was having the time of my life. I knew then this was what I was meant to do.

After many clients requested my styling expertise outside of the retail store environment, I realized a need for this service for the everyday person and I started to develop the concept of Lookstyle.  Once Lookstyle was born, all the clients that I had nurtured over many years followed.  It was through all that I had learned and absorbed from the past decade that helped me to formulate our mission of giving excellent service, being honest, loyal and trustworthy.  This is what makes me stand out as a stylist.

Do you style by intuition or by a lot of planning, research, and forethought?

Difficult question because it depends on the client I am styling.  In general, I’m a planner.  I like to forecast the trends as I SEE FIT for my clients.  I use my gut on a regular basis when I am personally styling a client you have to be able to read the energy and mood of your clients as you are styling them. If they are uncomfortable, or “just not feeling it” you need to be able to step in a fix the fashion conundrum quickly and without hesitation.  Having planned and done your homework on upcoming trends, you are able to use this knowledge in that moment because you are educated on ALL things fashion, whether that is at Saks or the Gap, you have to have fashion answers fast.

Who was your favorite celebrity to style and why?

LeAnn Rimes. She and I have been working together for years and it is always fun when a new season is upon us.  We have such fun looking at style previews and lookbooks and planning out some of our must-haves for the season.  She has a great energy and a perfect athletic body where everything looks good on her.  She also is similar to me in that we both like to take fashion “risks”.  We like to go outside of the fashion box and attempt to really showcase her personality and zest for life on stage and off.   We trust in one another and this is the basis for a great style partnership.  We celebrate in great fashion moments as well as laugh together when the ‘world’ didn’t quite get our latest fashion risk.  We have great synergy and not only does that make for a great friendship, but a fun style environment as well.

Can you tell us your most memorable styling job and why?

Yes. It was a client that wanted a “pretty women weekend” on Rodeo Drive.  She flew us in her private jet to LA and we planned private shopping/viewing at boutiques, lunches at the Ivy, hair and makeup every morning and night, dinners out at the “best” places.  She had never given herself such a treat and she loved every minute!  We had mapped out the store she may have liked and literally had a road map of shopping for the day with car service, champagne and private shopping.  We took care of EVERY detail. She was so thrilled with the lifestyle concierge service and the personal styling service we provided on site!   We had an incredible 4 days! It truly brings me so much joy to make someone THAT confident and happy.

What are your top five clothing essentials to buy for fall?

1. I’m obsessed with the HIGH SHINE trend for fall therefore a waxed or leather pant by Rag and Bone is a must!

2. Tassel Earrings by Oscar de la Renta. This is reflective of the renaissance tread but I also feel it will be a staple piece of jewelry for many years to come.

3. Velvet Smoking Shoe by Stubbs & Wootton. I’m so in love with this menswear inspired shoe!  I wear my ALL THE time.  Traveling as much as I do, these are trendy, comfortable, and they go with just about any outfit.

4. A mixed print top by Equipment.  There is nothing better than a top that can be worn a million ways. A mixed print top allows you to play off one or more colors lending itself to be dressy, casual, layer able and so much more!

5. Rag and Bone Newbury Ankle Bootie! Can’t get enough of this shoe. It comes in EVERY color and they are the best accessory for fall!

Can you describe your personal style and how you personalize your outfit?

My personal style is not necessarily defined by what’s on trend for that season.  Am I inspired every season? YES of course, but more for the “it” item that will last me a lifetime. I wear what I feel good in. My style tends to be Boho– jeans, a blousy oversized silk blouse, layered necklaces and flat shoes with a crossbody bag. I guess you could call it a uniform for my workdays. On the weekends, I am a complete chameleon.  This is when FALL TRENDS TAKE OVER…I love to play up different vibes, ROCKER on night, PREPPY another… I love that fashion can give you a different personality for the night! Ps. I also wear NARS red lips 99% of the time.

What can people expect at this event? Why should they attend?

Being a stylist comes with the connotation that I “only work with the rich and famous”.  This is simply not true.  I work with everyone from stay at home moms, to young professionals seeking a new career path and want to look the part, and to NBA athletes and singers and everyone in between.  This event/seminar is an opportunity to share with everyone that I am here to assist you on your fashion needs.  You don’t have to be a “somebody” to work with a stylist.

I consider myself like a professor of fashion.  This seminar is a Fashion 101 course. Everything is a learning process and this seminar starts that process. It is an opportunity for new clients to learn about trends in a very comfortable, fun environment with no pressure! I have hosted seminars before and the clients that attend love it because they get to ask a professional stylist questions like, ” How to wear these ankle boots? Do I roll my jeans or tuck them into the boots?” It’s an open forum to ask your burning fashion questions!

Fashion Exposed: A Fall Preview Seminar takes place on Tuesday, September 18 from 6 pm to 8 pm at The HAUTE Spot showroom in River West. Guests will enjoy lite bites and bubbly. Tickets are $35 and can be pre-purchased at fashionexposed.eventbright.com. More information can be found at Lookstyle.net.

Kellie Trumper & LeAnn Rimes

Kellie Trumper & LeAnn Rimes