Mike Hines Signature: Taking Floral Design into the Modern Era

By Patty Jae

New to the transient world of floral design is a game-changing brand that is quickly
becoming a model to the rest. Mike Hines Signature (MHS) is the culmination of a
career’s worth of original design and global influence by its namesake creator.
Hines original venture into botanical design resulted in Chicago’s Epoch Floral,
where he is the cofounder and creative director.

MHS differs from Epoch on a grandiose scale. “I will do these high-end extravagant
installations, in windows or buildings its just a larger scale to show people…they can
be bigger, better and more spectacular that they have ever imagined,” said Hines.

The latest installation of MHS will be unveiled May 30th at the NoMi Garden. Due
to the fresh elements of the piece it will be only up for a day. Hines remarks on the
uniqueness of this temporary medium, “Its an art piece that you have moments to
capture, you may be the only person it to see it. It’s no different than art,we all
perceive it differently mine just goes away. It’s a fleeting moment and that is the
absolute beauty of it on so many levels.”

Hines is also extending his vision of modern floral design to help change public
perception by teaching others what he’s learned throughout the years through
workshops, demonstrations and lectures.

Aesthetics are in the eyes of the beholder and Hines isn’t sticking to societal norms
in floral design. Hines never uses synthetic flowers, his installations always have
fresh and organic components, he uses “Anything thats really organic that I can get
my hands on… egg shells, found objects, there is always a fresh element, it can be
4,000 feathers and fresh peonies, Hines states.

He also touches on how his thought processes evolve during the creation of each
installation. “You need some sense of depth, I just follow my gut, my installation and
design evolves rather than being scripted. I’ll have the idea and whatever element
I’m working with, tends to come to fruition on its own,” Hines revealed.

The installations that encompass MHS are at the discretion of weather conditions,
so much so, they only last one or two days. Hines also works with a multitude of

clients in the city and on a global basis. Look forward to up coming installations in
Hawaii and Marrakech. Some of his future booked lectures are for varied audiences
including woman’s groups, universities, and floral schools.

Hines uses the words “unapologetic” and “irreverent” when describing his approach
to floral design yet he modestly notes, “If I can get someone to stop and look at it
then I’ve done my job… I do it to show people the possibilities.”

MHS latest installation will début the opening of the Park Hyatt’s NoMi garden, you
can watch Hines constructing the installation that morning and it will be unveiled
later in the day. You can view his past and upcoming projects on

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