‘Nobody is Judging’ Skylar Laine’s Idol Tour Performance

By Christina Brown

After a season of giving it her all, it’s no surprise that 18-year-old Skylar Laine placed within the top five of American Idol’s 11th season. Her progress ensured a spot on American Idols Live!, a summer-long tour that began earlier this month.

Though Laine charmed her way into America’s hearts on the American Idol stage, the country sweetheart has been performing since a very young age.

“I started singing when I could talk. I really started going places and singing in festivals when I was about five. My mom would take me around and I would sing in the car, and then [I’d] get to the festival and compete in something and do all kinds of local stuff,” Laine said.

Laine’s early start pushed her in the right direction, bringing her from Branson, Mo. to Los Angeles for the Idol auditions.

“I took a lot from it. I still have friendships, fans and just experience,” Laine said of her time on the show. “Every single day was a new experience and you learned more.”

Making use of her newfound knowledge, Laine plans to put on a good show for her Idol fans during the tour.

“I will be rocking out on stage like I always do—definitely upbeat. My main goal is to make people have a good time and to give them what they want,” Laine said.

Not only will fans be able to see the Idol alum rock out on stage, they’ll get the change to see her in a different light, allowing Laine to be seen as an artist in a more relaxed setting.

“You don’t have to prepare that much because you’re not being judged now or being told what you can and can’t sing. Nobody is judging you so it’s a lot easier,” she said.

The tour is just the beginning for the newcomer’s career. She has very high hopes for her future and knows what goals she wants to reach.

“I really want to come out with an album that’s mostly written by me. I just want to continue to make music, go to the CMA’s and sing there, and hopefully get some awards,” Laine said.