Savoy: Trailblazing the Electronic Music World

By Ria Sardana

If you enjoy electronic, rock, or EDM, Savoy, a band straight out of Boulder, Colorado, is a band you definitely do not want to miss out on. Starting as just a small college band jamming in their free time, they are now electronic dance music innovators who just started a six-week long tour. I was able to speak with band member, Ben Eberdt, to discuss their current tour, pop culture and Colorado.

You guys just started your tour. How is it going?

Oh, it is has been going great. It has been so much fun hitting the road. It’s been great seeing the country. It’s been our first, we have played at a lot of sets and festivals, but this is really our first time on a tour bus just trying to continuously go at it. It’s great.

Do you have any interesting or noteworthy tour stories?

I mean, the shows have been great. We had a killer night the other night when we played with a bunch of our friends. We played with this dude Datsik, who is a killer DJ, and  Paper Diamonds is a longtime friend from Colorado. And our other friend from Colorado, Paul Basic, has been on tour with us, so it has just been great seeing all the people and hanging around. Yeah, it has been quite the experience and we’re looking forward to the next couple of weeks.

Out of all the places you have played, what is the city that has the most hyped up, energized audience?

So far, Nashville, the other night with those guys I just mentioned was just really crazy. Another I like, New York was really sick. That’s a really great town so it is kind of the new hometown audience and we had a great night in New York with a bunch of friends that came in. But, there are many, many more to come.

Do you have a favorite venue that you guys like to play at?

Last summer, we started in Colorado. We got to play at Red Rocks in Denver, which is an unbelievable outdoor amphitheater. It has always been a dream to play that.

Do you think that rappers that sample EDM, such as Pitbull, help turn people onto EDM?

Yeah, I mean, I can say that I see a lot of dance influence on the top 40 world and I think it kind of springs more awareness to what dance music is and really just ejects it into the mainstream pop culture, which is something that is great for the dance music scene. I’m sure underground people aren’t feeling it as much but you know, we have always loved pop music and we like to see good things in other [genres] and we have friends in the pop music industry. They are truly influenced by this music but they also love pop so for them to make that combination is a no-brainer. And we are not going to hate on that.

How would you then describe your style?

We obviously crossover lots of different genres in electronic music, but really we have always had the one goal of being really rock edge based in electronic. We have always wanted to, we have said it before in interviews, bring rock up and also club music in a rock venue and intertwine the two and that’s really what we are all about.

What do you guys like to do on your days off when you’re on tour?

A lot of times when we have days off we try to book a studio session and we try to just work on music. We always have different hobbies. Obviously it is winter time right now, but a lot of the times, we are all actually big golfers, so any time we did a day or two in a sunny place we see if we can get to the course, it is a great way to spend some time.

Going back to the beginning, how did you guys start? Did you ever expect that you would eventually be going on your own tour?

We met in college, we all lived in the freshmen dorms at the University of Colorado, Boulder and we actually started a rock band. It was just us three: guitar, bass, and drums. We gradually got more and more into the electronics phase and that’s kind of where we are today. And as far as predicting we would go on tour, I mean, I think we have always had visions of success just because I feel like if you are going to do something, you have to believe that you will eventually be really good at that so I am not saying we are there yet, but we will always look at the future with a positive attitude. I don’t think we had ever, even when we were just meeting each other just jamming, I don’t think we had ever tried to place any limit on where we would hopefully go one day.

What is your favorite aspect of EDM and does Savoy plan on branching out or trying anything new?

I really like when people can inject old school into new school and obviously the beat is very danceful, but I think that the really good guys can take that infectious beat but also add some soul to it and make people feel chills when the song is special. It’s great because not everybody does that. It’s so popular now, the beats are danceful but it is really just a generic production that they shoot, but when you can add that to some sort of emotional connection, that’s what electronic music is and that’s why we love it and do it.

Do you prefer touring or the festival atmosphere better?

They are both great. It is great when we can shape our own party to exactly how we would throw it, but it is also cool going to someone else’s party and being a part of it. Meeting so many people at festivals is such a great experience. And some of these new festivals are so diverse, they have some dance music but they also have other good stuff. It is hard to beat, especially when the weather is so great.

Anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

You can download all our music on our website, so first and foremost, anybody that is looking for our stuff, it is all on our website. We love to give our music out for free and we are in the process of making more music, it is something that never stops for us so you can go get what we put out two weeks ago, it is called personal legend.

Savoy performs tonight at the Troubador in Los Angeles. For more information-and to download their EP- visit