The Cults At Gilt City

By Zuzanna Skwiot

It’s been a mind- blowing summer for live music here in Chicago. Despite the fickle
weather, thousands of people ventured outside to experience Lollapalooza and music
festivals in the surrounding neighborhoods. The Cults, for starters put on a lively and
energetic set at the Gilt City rooftop party, on Saturday, August 6. Followed by The Hood
Internet, a DJ duo that can command a crowd’s attention. “These are great events to be
apart of. Gilt City’s hosts a lot of roof top parties with live performances that bands get
excited to play, especially when it doesn’t rain,” said Aaron Shirley of Skirt PR.

It was the last of five performances for the Cults in Chicago, and by way the crowd was
dancing, it was an obvious success. “Cults” is the first album from The New York duo The
Cults. The indie- pop group released their album in June of 2011, with two of their hit
singles—“Go Outside” and “Most Wanted” becoming great summer anthems.

The Gilt City audience was visually excited about the live performance and swarmed
the band’s platform as they fending off the rain. “It’s going to be interesting to see how
it works, ‘cause we’re not going to be able to see our instruments,” said Brian Oblivio,
guitarist and keyboardist for The Cults. As towels and tarps were thrown over amps,
instruments and other technical gear.

“He [Brian Oblivio] didn’t like the music that I listened to and I didn’t like the music he
listened to. So the kindof music we make, is music that we both like,” said Madeline
Follin, Cults frontwoman.

“We both kindof resolved on 60’s pop, it was the one thing we could put on and feel
good about, and relate to each other on. I think a little bit of both sides [Follin and
Oblivio’s music preferences] comes into it, like a melting pot, but that was the base
music that we were both like ‘I’ve always love this music,’ so it was natural that kindof
came out when we started making music together,” said Oblivio.

The Cults were sharp and tight, with strong choruses and emotive lyrics, with patrons
stacked to the roof edges, displaying both an inviting sound and terrific stamina. “Is
anyone else hung over?” Oblivio asked the audience during his set. The Cults gave
those lucky enough to be at Gilt City an incredibly special performance.

After the Cults’ set, The Hood Internet closed the party. They kept the momentum
going; by playing an array of songs stemming from great rock classics to remixes of
contemporary favorites. “It was great, people seemed to really get into the music,” said

The audience was just as excited about The Hood Internet as they were about the Cults’
live performance.

People stripped down to bikinis and swim- trunks and refreshed themselves by jumping
into the roof deck pool. Beach balls were being tossed around, in an impromptu version
of volleyball that lacked any form of organized rules and yet, everyone got involved.
Unfortunately, by the end of the party there were a few beach ball causalities. All but
one ball ended 28 floors below the roof deck, but that didn’t stop the fun.